Adulthood Dental Problems

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As we age, our dental health and care becomes increasingly important. With your permanent teeth in place, you want them to be strong, clean and last as long as possible. A few conditions to be aware of as an adult are:

Gum Disease: Bacterial plaque can build up on your teeth if you neglect to brush and floss regularly. The plaque and tartar can eventually cause severe damage to your teeth, jawbone and gum structure, leading to tooth loss.

Oral Cancer: The use of tobacco and alcohol products can increase your risk for oral cancers. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and visiting your dentist are the best choices!

Dental Fillings Breaking Down: Typically, dental fillings have a life of eight to 10 years. Sometimes they can last longer. However, if the fillings in your mouth do start to wear or break down, food or bacteria can get stuck underneath and cause a decay deep into the tooth’s root.

To avoid dental health problems in adulthood, contact us at Dr. Parekh and Associates. We treat families for dentistry, including both adults in children in Alliston.

– Dr. Parekh and Associates

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