Root Canals, For Kids!

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Primary teeth are as important as permanent teeth. So when your child’s tooth is sensitive, painful, inflamed, chipped or cracked with the pulp unprotected, it’s time to go to the dentist! Generally, Root Canal treatment is recommended for children to save and keep their teeth intact instead of prematurely removed.

For kids, root canal treatment is done through pulpotomy, wherein only the infected or damaged pulp compartment is removed. Your child’s dentist only removes the surface nerve structure in the pulp chamber, which makes this procedure faster and less painful. After the dentist removes the damaged pulp, he or she will put a baby crown on the tooth to make it stronger until the permanent teeth erupt.

When the permanent teeth start to grow, the tooth and crown that was placed will fall off naturally like a normal primary tooth.

After the root canal treatment, your child may experience some tooth sensitivity because of the crown, but it will disappear within two weeks’ time. Make sure your child continues to keep up with good oral hygiene to keep teeth clean and healthy after a root canal procedure.

To learn more about root canals for children, contact our dental office in Alliston. Here at Dr. Parekh & Associates, we value your child’s dental health!

– Dr. Parekh & Associates

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