Why The Cheeks?

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We’ve all seen, if not experienced, the puffy cheeks associated with having your wisdom teeth removed. Have you ever thought about why exactly this happens? Having these teeth removed can feel like a traumatic experience, especially since everyone’s body recovers differently. Your body’s first response post procedure is to heal the extraction site. This is where the inflammation occurs. Swelling is a normal and healthy response due to the procedure.

The swelling usually reaches a maximum within 24-48 hours post procedure. After 3-4 days, the swelling will gradually reduce as the area has had time to heal. It is normal to have more swelling in the morning and then subsides throughout the day as you stand and the fluids move around in your body, due to the force of gravity.

To reduce swelling:
Ask your oral surgeon for corticosteroids
Apply heat on the 3rd day, post surgery
Keep your head elevated!

If you have any other questions about wisdom teeth removal and the post surgery process, contact us at Dr. Parekh & Associates!

– Dr. Azim Parekh

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