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Are you conscious of the space or gaps between your teeth? Filling an unattractive gap in your teeth, particularly your front teeth, can have a huge effect on your smile and your general appearance.

A gap or space between teeth is called a Diastema. It usually appears between the two upper front teeth, but it can also happen between any of the teeth in your mouth. There are several causes for dental gaps. Some of those causes include having small teeth, missing teeth or irregular spaces between your teeth.

If you have a diastema, you’re not alone because it is actually one of the most common dental problems to have. Nevertheless, this should not prevent treatment. Not doing anything about your dental gap can lead to other oral problems. Bacteria can build up between the space of your teeth, and this can result in serious issues such as bad breath, widened gaps, stains, tooth decay and even tooth loss.

If dental gaps affect your self-esteem especially when talking or smiling, our dental office will help you build your confidence through dental gaps treatment. Here at Dr. Parekh and Associates, we have different solutions to help solve your dental gap problems. Some of these solutions include the following:

Bonding – Best for small gaps between the teeth. Bonding uses a plastic resin to fix your dental gaps.

Porcelain Veneers – They are thin shells of natural looking porcelain that offers an instant correction to multiple gaps between your teeth.

Orthodontic Braces (Traditional Metal Braces or Invisalign) – Often the best option for multiple gaps between teeth. After treatment, nothing artificial is left on your teeth.

If dental gaps make you feel self-conscious and prevent you from enjoying your life, then contact our dental office Dr. Parekh and Associates in Alliston, Ontario.

– Dr. Parekh & Associates Team

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