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Are you worried about having metal braces in your teens? Well, you don’t have to worry about the physical appearance of braces anymore! With Invisalign Teen, teenagers can now have straight teeth without using metal braces.

Teenagers can be self-conscious about what they look at their school and what their peers will say about them. Having misaligned teeth can negatively affect their confidence apart from the dental issues associated with it. Thanks to Invisalign Teen, teens can achieve straight teeth and a healthy smile.

Invisalign teen works the same way as Invisalign aligners but with the added features designed specifically for teenage patients. When using Invisalign for teens around 12 to 13 years old most of your adult teeth have come in. However, your facial and jaw structures are still developing. During this time, Invisalign teen can help adjust the position of the roots of your teeth. Although, it’s never too late to get an orthodontic treatment – orthodontic treatment during the teenage years can help to correct facial and jaw position as your teen grows.

Invisalign teen are clear aligners that are custom made by your orthodontist according to your personalized treatment plan. You will have one aligner for your upper and one for your lower jaw. Your orthodontist will make sure that the aligners fit your teeth perfectly while applying pressure in specific places to move your teeth into better position.

You will wear the aligners over your teeth and change them into a new set of aligners around every two weeks. Once your teeth respond to the treatment, you will only need to visit your orthodontist every 6-10 weeks to check in. The average duration of Invisalign teen treatment is around 12 to 18 months depending on your condition.

To find out if you or your teen are eligible Invisalign treatment, visit us at Dr. Parekh & Associates in Alliston Ontario. Our team will help you achieve your best smile possible!

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