Dental Health And Obesity In Children

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A thesis has emerged from Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden outlining the importance of teaching children about healthy habits, and the effect that these habits will have on their future health, appearance, and overall well-being.

The results of a sub study conducted on 271 preschool and primary school aged children suggest without surprise that the children with a higher instance of decay-causing microorganisms in their saliva also displayed less healthy eating habits, and higher BMI.

Dentists are now stressing the importance of meeting with children at an early age to discuss oral care habits, making healthy eating decisions for the sake of overall quality of life, and learning to limit the amount of sugar-rich foods that we consume.

Dental professionals are confident that with these efforts, children can grow up making healthy eating decisions, resulting in higher self-esteem, more positive social relationships, and fewer problems with mental health. Other studies have shown that depression can be more severe in adults whoa re not considered to be following a healthy diet, and professionals are now wondering to what extent this is true for children as well.

So how can parents encourage healthy and controlled eating habits in their children? The first step comes with influence. If we are choosing to eat good food in reasonable portions, then our children will as well.

For some, eating healthier may come with an extreme lifestyle change, and a trip down a challenging path, but your family’s health and well-being will ultimately thank you. And, remember, every challenging trip gets easier over time.

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