Early Ortho Care

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Whenever you address a problem early, you’ll be able to solve it better than waiting until later on! If we let a problem go on for too long, the chances are it well become much worse. You’ll also spend more money and time trying to fix it! The same goes for orthodontic care. Children should be addressed for orthodontic care as early as age 6 or 7 years old. Immediate treatment may not be necessary, but its important to keep an eye out for problems such as overcrowding. An early intervention process can help while a child’s mouth is still growing. The upside is that today’s braces and technology have come a long way. Implementing early orthodontic care is not as difficult or uncomfortable as it once was! Let’s get ahead of any potential problems! Inquire with Dr. Parekh and Associates in Alliston for early orthodontic care. 
– Dr. Parekh & Associates 
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