Maintaining the Whites

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If you have recently had your teeth whitened, you know you love the feeling of having that beautiful white smile! Over time, as your teeth are exposed to food or drinks your teeth can lose that healthy white appearance. Things such as wine, colas, coffee and tobacco have a significant effects on keeping your teeth white. Putting in a little extra effort can help maintain their look and keep them their brightest. Here are some great tips:
  • Use a whitening toothpaste to remove surface stains 
  • Brush or rinse as soon as you can after consuming food or drinks that are known to cause stains
  • Use a straw when consuming drinks that can cause stains (colas, tea, coffee)
  • Check if you need a touch up! It is normal to get a check up around six months or a year for your teeth whitening. 
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– Dr. Parekh & Associates
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