What Do Dental Dams Do?

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Have you ever wondered why dentist’s sometimes use a big rubber blanket to cover your mouth?

Well, they are called Dental Rubber Dams and they come with many advantages. The rubber dam is a thin sheet of rubber that is used to isolate the tooth that needs work. Here are a few benefits of using a rubber dam:

Visualization. By clamping the rubber dam around the tooth, the dentist is better able to visualize the area. Chances are this will result in a better filling for you!
Protects the patient! The barrier created between the teeth and mouth prevents debris associated with drilling teeth and irritating chemicals from being inhaled.
Protects the tooth! Isolating the tooth also helps avoid any infection from the bacteria in the mouth.
Duration. The rubber dam removes any chances of being distracted by the tongue. This increases the dentist’s efficiency and will get you out of the dental chair sooner!

Overall, the Dental Rubber Dam results in calmer patients, more efficient dentists and smoother procedures! To book your next appointment contact Dr. Parekh and Associates in Alliston today!

– Dr. Parekh & Associates

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